Crane Copper Tube

From Australia's leading copper tube manufacturer comes a comprehensive range of the finest quality tube fully complying with the specifications required to meet European Standard EN 1057. Producing a range of high performance products, Crane Copper puts a 40 year tradition of engineering excellence and manufacturing achievements to work for its customers.

All Crane copper tubes are incisively marked in accordance with EN1057. Crane Copper tubes are also ink marked "Crane Copper Australia" in designated colours to assist in easily determining the tube type: Type Y in Green, Type X in Blue and Type Z in Red.

Copper has a natural ability to fight bacteria and the strength to protect the water supply from contaminant infection and is a first choice when health and safety is an issue. Due to copper's non-permeable characteristics, nothing can penetrate the tube's wall - no germs, no oxygen and non hydro carbon fluids. For this reason, copper can be confidently used in ground subject to spillage. Copper is unaffected by the sun's ultra violet rays and accepts most paint finishes.

The durability of copper under extremes of temperature (-15 to 200 degrees celcius) means it can be used almost anywhere and in applications from cryogenics to steam lines. A copper installation looks attractive and adds value to an installer's work. As the best known and most understood plumbing system available, technical competence favours copper - with both suppliers and users.


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