N.P. KING is an international trading and distribution group consisting of several companies with activities across the Asia Pacific region.

N.P. King Pte Ltd & N.P. King (Hong Kong) Ltd

Around 1932, Mr E.N. King, an export merchant (father of Noel P King) began making annual trips from Britain to India and the Far East.

Noel King accompanied his father in his travels for the first time in the late 1930s. After the war, in 1946, Noel King opened an office in Singapore (Winchester House) representing UK companies in numerous hardware and industrial products such as cutting tools, valves and other products.

Until 1962, Noel King ran the business as a sole proprietorship, paying regular visits to India, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand and Hong Kong. In 1962 the business was incorporated as a limited company with Frank Parry as a partner in 1964.

Noel King formed N.P. King (Hong Kong) Ltd in 1966 to handle operations outside Singapore and Malaysia. In 1971, both N.P.King Pte Ltd and N.P.King (HK) Ltd were acquired by the late Datuk Sim Peng Choon. Active trading in Hong Kong, China and North Asia began as soon as the company was acquired by the late Datuk Sim Peng Choon in 1971. Since then the Group has expanded into several markets across the Asia Pacific region. Today our markets cover Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, UK and the Middle East.


POLYCHEM (Malaysia) SDN. BHD. - Malaysia

In 1965 the late Datuk Sim Peng Choon founded Polychem (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as an independent manufacturers' representative for a wide range of imported raw materials for the rubber, chemical and building industries.

After the acquisition of N.P. King (Singapore and Hong Kong), Polychem's product range and market access expanded throughout South East Asia.

Polychem is an associate member of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor and Malaysia Mould & Die Association.

Purdon King (International) Ltd

Purdon King (International) Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of N.P. King (HK) Ltd. It was formed to specialize in the distribution and promotion of leading European products into the Asian markets and also the sourcing of quality Asian-made products for Western-based companies

Today, the N.P. King Group represents European, US, Australian & Chinese manufacturers and suppliers on a wide range of leading edge industrial products. We are well positioned to capture markets in industries which require non ferrous metals, plastics raw materials, plumbing, building, electrical/electronic parts and machine tools.


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